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10 Benefits of Anti-Cellulite Body Wraps to Lose Weight

Body wraps are all the rage these days. You might have even seen billboards of TV commercials touting the miraculous slimming benefits of these treatments. Women arrive at the spa in the morning and leave an hour later, suddenly three dress sizes smaller and completely free of cellulite! What is a body wrap? A body… Read More »

Diet Instructions How to Lose Weight

There are many diets available for you to use but some of the most effective diets are the diets rich in the fiber, protein, very low carb and low fat. But there are many thing you can do to lose the weight besides this. For years many doctors have been telling us to eat small… Read More »

Cycling to Lose Weight – The Plain Facts

Riding a bicycle can be an exciting and enjoyable form of exercise, but there are some important questions that every overweight person thinking of taking up cycling to lose weight should ask themselves. Would I really enjoy cycling? If you haven’t ridden a bicycle recently, it might be best to hire one and see how… Read More »

Nitric Oxide: Will It Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat

Nitric Oxide, also know as “N.O.”, is one of the latest supplements to hit the market, promising lean muscle tone and a sculpted body, enhancing the weight loss and fat burning appearance. Can this supplement in fact help you to tone up, lose weight, and burn body fat? If you believe what all the magazines… Read More »

How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs During Pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy can be a traumatic experience for any woman. You know it’s part of the natural process but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to deal with does it? What’s worse is that the extra weight seems to clump together in certain areas, instead of spreading itself out evenly over your… Read More »

Losing Weight Through Playing Badminton

Many of you here would like to lose weight. Today I am going to show you a sport which I believe is not only fun, but it can also help a person lose weight. Playing badminton is fun. And you will lose a lot of weight even without you knowing it. Now what are the… Read More »

Nine Ways To Train Your Brain To Lose Weight – How To Use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Here’s a quick overview of how one part of your brain works to keep you overweight and how, with just a bit of practice, you can change that part of your brain to help you lose weight. 1. Most of us tend to focus on what we don’t want (i.e., these hips, this stomach, this… Read More »

The Night Tomato Diet: A New Way to Lose Weight

Tomatoes are a low calorie, low fat, and highly nutritious fruit. Yes, it’s a fruit for those that still want to argue that it’s a vegetable. Many people will also try to convince others that fruits are not good for losing weight because of the natural sugar in them; however, tomatoes do not fall victim… Read More »

Best Elliptical Machine To Lose Weight – 3 Options To Help You Burn Calories Faster

Looking for the best elliptical machine to lose weight? Elliptical trainers have come a long way since the first one was introduced by Precor in 1995. Today’s crosstrainers let you burn more calories than ever – with several different design options for a more comfortable workout. With that in mind, here are 3 different elliptical… Read More »

Himalayan Pink Salt for Weight Loss

Himalayan pink salt has numerous attributed health properties which deem it rather preferable for use in our daily life. It is scientifically proven to contain more than 80 mineral salts that provide nutrients to the body and mind of the user. Among the more important health benefits of the pink salt, weight loss is considered… Read More »